Fascinating and contemporary Sundial wrist-watch inspired by the god CHRONOS, incorporeal deity regia eternal time.

 Dimensions: 25 cm leather strap, watch with a 4 cm wide and 1 cm high glass dial.

His curiosity is to show the hour solar reflection in the black glass sphere.

How it works: Sundial Universal Equinoccial type by reflection of sunlight in the black glass sphere. It is usable in bouth Hemispheres and in any latitude.

Place the cursor in a sunny location.

If we are in the Northern Hemisphere orient watch southward tilting the sundial until the sun reflected on the edge of the glass hemisphere, that blip mark daylight.

Conversely if we are in the southern hemisphere we have to guide the clock to the north and also tilt until the sun appears reflected on the edge of the glass central sphere, the bright spot market the solar time.

Presentation: jewelry box with leather top quality green jupiter, silver buckle fastening and operating instructions in Spanish and English.

  • Compositions - Metal, Glass and Leather
  • Dimensions - Strap 25 cm. Sundial 4 x 1 cm

CHR 63