Cookies policy

We may occasionally use a technology called "cookies" in order for us to provide a series of contents and/or services on a personalized basis. A cookie is a small piece of data that a website can send to a user's web browser.

This element can be stored on the user's computer hard drive so that we can recognize you when you return to our website. In any case, there is always the possibility that the user can specify, in the preferences of his or her navigation software that he or she wishes to receive a warning before accepting any "cookie".

From this website we study the preferences of our users (demographic characteristics, their traffic patterns and other aggregate information to understand the behavior and profile of our users). Tracking our users' preferences helps us to improve our Site as well as our services.

The cookies used by this website are the following:

  • We use Google Analytics (Google's Web site traffic measurement tool), which may store cookies on your computer to help us collect information that will be used solely for statistical purposes and to study the behavior of users of our website. The information collected by the cookie (including the IP address) is stored and transmitted to Google's servers in the United States. Google will use such data to collect your activity on our site and generate reports for the purpose of identifying your use of the site. Google may provide this information to third parties when required by applicable law. Acceptance of this policy constitutes acceptance of Google's use of the information collected by Google Analytics.
  • Youtube cookies:
    • PREF: A cookie that stores settings preferences, such as preferred language, number of search results displayed per page, or activation of Google's SafeSearch filter.
    • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE: cookie that keeps track of the videos visited that are embedded in the web.
    • YSC: A cookie that measures video playback by the user and records the events of "Like" or "Share video". This is a session cookie, which expires when you log out with your browser.
    • HAS_JS: This cookie informs the content manager whether or not the browser has javascript enabled. In this way, it will show the information adapted to this browser-specific configuration.
    • SESION_API_SESSION:"session-api-session": Standard drupal Cookie. Used by the drupal system which is a content management system (CMS). When accessing content that allows for comments, forms, etc.
    • COOKIE_AGREE_EN: Cookie technique to control the acceptance of cookies

Vd. you can configure your browser to refuse the storage of cookies on your computer.

To be able to disable cookies from your browsers, you can find information on how to disable cookies if you use them as a browser: