A perfect complement that unites design and functionality.

Extendable Japanese glass and leather necklace between 42 - 60 cm.
2,7 x 2,7 x 0,8 cm Sundial Pendant.

Its is the sixth planet in our solar system or Saturn that inspires the form of this beautiful Sundial equatorial type, is made of silver-plated metal and accompanied by elegant choker made of japanese crystal. A perfect accessory that combines design and functionality.

Detail: Glass beads combined with silver beads.

How it works: Go to a sunny place looking southwards, tilt the sundial until we see a ray of light that will indicate the solar time.

Presentation: In an individual bag with a cord and operating instructions in Spanish, English, French and German.

  • Compositions - Japanese Crystal and Silver Metal
  • Dimensions - necklace between 42 - 60 cm - 2,7 x 2,7 x 0,8 cm Sundial