With an attractive shape, this Sundial pendant will enhance your beauty.

Extendable cotton cord between 45 - 62 cm.

4,1 x 2,6 x 0,8 cm Sundial Pendant.

Triangulum is a small constellation of the northern hemisphere, between Andromeda, Pisces, Aries and Perseus, whose three brightest stars form a nearly isosceles triangle. 

How it works: Sundial type Equinoctial.
To determine the solar time is necessary to orient the clock in the south. Tilt until you see a blip on the crystal ball, this time on the template indicate the solar time, which should add or subtract the hours that differ from the official time. 

Presentation: individual bag with drawstring and operating instructions in Spanish, English, French and German.

* Cordon with adjustable knots.

  • Compositions - Metal and Crystal
  • Dimensions - 4,1 x 2,6 x 0,8 cm
  • Finish - Silver Bath

TRI 48