Ten special designs of suns will shine and make happy the person who wears them and also the observer that admires them.

Extendable cotton cord between 45 - 62 cm.
2,6 x2,2 x 0,3 cm Pendant.

The Sun is the nearest star to the Earth. Many cultures consider it as the supreme divinity. In the Ancient Greece it is represented as the star king. It is also the day that crosses the sky from East to West in a golden chariot whose main horse is " Shining Mane". This figure is called "Chariot of the Sun".

Presentation: In an individual bag with a cord and operation intructions guide.

  • Compositions - Metal and Photo Cabochon
  • Dimensions - 2,6 x 2,2 x 0,3 cm
  • Finish - Silver Bath

COL 27