The four-armed sun fuses two solar characteristics, the idea of movement and the main positions it occupies in the daily course.

Extendable cotton cord between 45 - 62 cm.
3,5 x 2,9 x 0,6 cm Pendant.

Presentation: individual bag with drawstring.

Symbology Plot: From the Neolithic the many different civilizations, seen in the sky and simultaneously moving the order the cosmos were shown. In observation and need to be part of that cosmic harmony erected as powerful gods and rulers of the Sun and Moon. The Sun for its properties as a creator of light, heat and ultimately life, was elevated to the highest divinity making him responsible for the life cycles of the earth and essential for their development on it.

Hence the great importance which has always given the artistic interest and to represent it as a sacred symbol of life, has bequeathed to us through time, a wide and diverse symbolism of forms, shapes or solar wheel we call the Solar Symbolism.

  • Compositions - Wood and Reprography
  • Dimensions - 3,5 x 2,9 x 0,6 cm
  • Finish - Varnished

Lauburu A1 COL 23